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  • Better than OEM? The Market Tells Us a Different Story for Color and Monochrome

    Good Better Best

    After nearly 30 years of continuous improvement, it's time for the aftermarket industry to become more aggressive with our messaging. Can we really say we are better than OEMs? In many respects we can. Our ability to communicate a "better than OEM" message is critical for the aftermarket as it enters a new phase in our relationship with OEMs. ... more

  • Supplies Packaging: Are You Onside With What's On the Outside?

    Mystery Toner Box

    The aftermarket industry has an identity problem. It may not exactly be a crisis, but it has caused us legal turmoil in the past, and it is bound to be more problematic as OEMs become increasingly protective of their brands. I'm talking about how we package and identify our products. Some vendors deliberately mislabel their aftermarket products, putting their customers at risk of litigation from OEM vendors.

    Ho ... more

  • The Law of Unintended Consequences and How It Applies to High Yield Toner Cartridges

    With the advent of MPS, manufacturers like Print-Rite are always being asked to increase the yields of their toner cartridges. The reason of course is that the more pages you can squeeze out of your toner cartridge, the more profitable you are. Some vendors are running out of superlatives to describe their cartridges: the "Extra-High-Super-Jumbo Yield" is a hot seller these days. Based on this logic, you can increase your gross margins ... more

  • Why the Long Faces? Office Printing is a Great Industry to be a Part of

    Cheerful businesspeople

    It is hard to read any industry publication today without some reference to the end of office printing. OEM vendors like HP seem to be bleeding red ink. Some like Lexmark are shedding entire product segments. Others like Sharp are fighting for existence. Still more such as Oki and Xerox seem to be betting that "greener pastures" such as Managed Services are the next wave. All of the negative press has tak ... more

  • Are you satisfied with your Wide Format Ink profits?

    Are you satisfied with your Wide Format Ink profits?

    I have yet to meet an owner satisfied with their profit levels.  As a business owner you go into work every day and think about how you can increase sales, and, more importantly, profits. Wide format printing is a category worth exploring. Your immediate options for increasing profits are no different than most othe ... more

  • Managing For Profit, Not Growth


    Did you hit your revenue and profit targets in 2012? What will be different in 2013?

    As we all put a close on another calendar year of business, there are two questions to consider asking yourselves as business owners: did we hit our profit and revenue targets this year? (I have talked to many owners in the industry over the past 12 months and the answer from the majority was 'no'). Where do we go from here?

    First, the bad news: the indus ... more

  • Parts Now and Print-Rite North America Form Distribution Partnership

    For release December 4th, 2012

    Parts Now and Print-Rite North America Form Distribution Partnership 

    Madison, WI – With a focus on further expansion of their imaging supplies product line, Parts Now has partnered with Print-Rite North America for the distribution of Print-Rite aftermarket laser toner cartridges. 

    As the industry's largest distributor of printer parts, Parts Now has made ... more

  • Going Online With The Other 70 Percent

    How are you increasing sales for the 70% of your business that will never move into a managed print service contract?

    With all the hype around MPS in our industry over the past five years, you could be forgiven if you ignored customers that were not MPS prospects. However, the sober reality is that most small- to medium-sized businesses in North America will never ad ... more

  • The Odd Couple: A Drum Gear And Your Toner Vendor

    Odd Couple

    Of late, there have been numerous settlements between Canon and various aftermarket supplies manufacturers who violated Canon's drum gear patent. As an industry, many of us are likely thinking the drum gear patent issue is over and we can all now breathe a unified sigh of relief. As a reseller, you may be thinking that these patent litigations did not impact your business at all. Much ado about nothing? Fair point, however I believe the drum gear patent ... more