Keenly aware of the environment we create for our employees and for our communities, Print-Rite strives, at every step of every process, to maximize quality and value while minimizing environmental impact.  

Print-Rite takes a multi-leveled approach in implementing its comprehensive environmental policy.

    • Design for Environment

Print-Rite will continue to expand its laser toner and inkjet cartridge recycling and remanufacturing activities. All new and remodeled Print-Rite products will follow general design principles that take the environment issues into consideration.

    • Waste Management and Treatment

Print-Rite is an industry leader in the design, development and implementation of environmentally friendly waste water treatment systems and toner recycling systems for the inkjet and toner remanufacturing processes. Print-Rite also collects and recycles inkjet and laser cartridges and other electronic devices. The company will continue to upgrade and enhance its waste management and treatment facilities to meet the most stringent environmental regulations.

    • Chemical Substance Management and Compliance

In compliance with various chemical substances regulations around the world (RoHS, REACH, CPSC, etc.), Print-Rite will work to maintain and strengthen its systems for consistent and reliable collection of relevant compliance information and for ensuring the legal compliance of product development and marketing operations.

    • Employee Education

Print-Rite will conduct regular education and training programs pertaining to the environment and quality for its employees. Employees will be updated with the latest information regarding new regulations through external seminars and workshops as well as internal meetings and lectures.

    • Community Outreach and Philanthropy

With a worldwide reach, Print-Rite’s Community Outreach and Philanthropy programs have helped build schools and enhance education improvements in disadvantaged communities, providing more than 20,000 students with better educational facilities. Working through our international partners, Print-Rite donates a portion of the proceeds from the recycling of specific, empty all-in-one OEM laser toner and inkjet cartridges to selected charities.