Ink and Laser

Offering the largest breadth of aftermarket SKUs in the industry, Print-Rite N.A.'s understanding of compatibles and finished products is immense.

  • King of the Castle No More: HP's Loss of Market Share and Its Impact on Your Business

    King of the Castle No More

    The aftermarket industry has a love-hate relationship with HP. At the end of the day, remanufacturers love HP because their all-in-one (AIO) cartridge design makes remanufacturing possible. It may seem that HP hates the aftermarket, but the reality is that we are doing them a favor by keeping their products and brand in front of the customer. If you ask a supplies dealer to recommend ... more

  • Patently Innovative

    Download 'Patently Innovative' Infographic

    Dealers and resellers simply cannot afford to put their heads in the sand when it comes to the products they source and sell.  The aftermarket environment has become a legal battlefield and pleading ignorance is not an option.  Resellers need ... more

  • Print Rite's Futuristic New Toner Plant

    If you checked out the spanking new facility, you would definitely be overwhelmed by the mighty, thundering machines, a team of giants with 4 stories high. Toner production seems an effortless task to this behemoth. Just a short trip from the 4th floor down to the 1st floor, one barrel of finished product after another is smoothly and continuously manufactured and packaged. The outcome is definitely pleasing, but to complete the two fully-automated produc ... more

  • Judgement Day Infographic - June 2013

    What is at stake when the ITC rules on Canon's lawsuit in June 2013?  This infographic explains the answer to this complex question.

    ... more